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Gero Hollmann

Director and co-owner of Immpex Immobilien Consulting GmbH.

2010 - 2012:

Authorised representative and member of the management team of listed company SOLON SE, Germany as well as a board member of SOLON S.p.A, Italy. Head of world-wide project business with transactions worth over 400 million Euros.

2001 - 2009:

Founding and organisation of the GEOSOL Group with company locations in Germany, Spain, Italy and Czech Republic, with an achieved business volume in the development, design and installation of solar power plants of over 300 million Euros. Successful disposal of the shares to a Japanese company.

2002 - 2009:

In parallel with the GEOSOL position: fund manager of real estate funds with investments of over 90 million Euros for an associated company of degewo AG.

1992 - 2001:

Commercial project manager with full responsibility for the financing the development of real estate projects and for the design of investment funds, among others at Bassman Bau AG, Bankhaus Lampe Group and WABE Group.

1987 - 1991:

Banker with positions at the Berliner Sparkasse and Landesbausparkasse.

Volker Müller

Director and co-owner of Immpex Immobilien Consulting GmbH.

2007 - 2012: 

Authorised representative and member of the management team at Dupuis Asset Management. Responsibilities included all project development and renovation business for the whole portfolio, worth nearly 500 million Euros, as well as the commercial rental business.

2001 - 2006:  

Head of project development of major urban projects with a total of approx. 330 million Euros for IVG Immobilien AG and its affiliates WERT-KONZEPT-BERLIN and TERCON Immobilien.

1997 - 2001:

Commercial project manager for the implementation of various high-profile residential construction projects in central Berlin and commercial areas for Bassman Bau AG and BLEG Berliner Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft with a project volume of about 150 million Euros. 

1991 - 1997: 

Studied Economics and Political Science at the TU Berlin, leading to Master’s degree (course-related work at Deutsche Bank).

1989 - 1991:

Banking training at Deutsche Bank Berlin AG.